Kirkwood: 404-377-3560
Decatur: 404-963-6071
After School (both locations): 678-221-4792

Our Purpose

At SoulShine, we engage, empower, and encourage our children.
By providing low teacher-to-student ratios, we fully engage each child, ensuring they receive the attention needed to thrive.
SoulShine empowers our children to connect with nature, their community, and themselves.
Our teachers encourage all the children at SoulShine to practice loving kindness with their peers, parents, and themselves.

Our Goals

We strive at all times to:

  • create a sustainable, eco-friendly, home-like experience for your child
  • identify and support the optimal physical, social, and emotional development of each child
  • concentrate our efforts and resources toward student readiness and school success
  • develop creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, language and literacy skills
  • provide a wide range of developmentally appropriate experiences
  • provide daily opportunities for development of good physical health, well-being, and movement skills
  • help children learn how to handle their own emotions and consider the feelings of others
  • develop each child’s sense of self-worth
  • integrate multicultural awareness into all areas of the curriculum

We Practice Inclusion

SoulShine embraces the loving light that emanates from the heart of every human, adult and child alike. We hold our staff, our contractors, and our parents to the highest level of acceptance and inclusion, and we encourage our community to endorse this loving philosophy, both here and in the world.

  • We pledge to treat everyone fairly, equally and with respect
  • We embrace and encourage our differences
  • We pledge to welcome everyone, irrespective of
    • gender
    • race
    • ethnic origin
    • disability
    • age
    • nationality or national origin
    • sexuality
    • gender identity or expression
    • religion or belief
    • marital status
    • social class

SoulShine will provide annual training for staff and contractors on diversity and inclusion, and provide resources and opportunities for discussion. Every individual who works at SoulShine is expected to be professional, to seek to understand differences, and to honor and respect those whose views and beliefs differ from their own.

Our Story

In 2008, SoulShine After School moved to Mary Lin Elementary as we prepared our future home at AMATA, located adjacent to the Lake Claire Land Trust. It was during our 4-year stay at AMATA that SoulShine became rooted in the belief that children get to dive into their imaginations when outdoors. During our blooming at AMATA, SoulShine adopted a few miniature goats and a small flock of chickens. The kids truly lit up when they got to tend to these farm animals! Being so close to the Land Trust gave us a strong perspective on the true meaning of community.

SoulShine has always been committed to feeding our kids only whole, nutrient-dense food. While at AMATA we maintained a small kitchen garden. Our SoulShiners loved getting dirty while we planted, they patiently waited while our garden bloomed. Everyone’s favorite part of gardening was harvesting our yummy homegrown veggies. In 2009, Farmer Bremen joined the SoulShine family, bringing his passion and knowledge of permaculture. This allowed us to take our homesteading philosophy and expand it beyond the garden. We now buy as much local food, dairy, and grains as possible. We even make our bread from scratch using locally-sourced flour! SoulShine’s menu is vegetarian. The ethical treatment of farm animals is very near and dear to the heart of SoulShine’s founder.

In September 2011, SoulShine relocated to historic Kirkwood allowing us to expand to include a preschool program. As a school rooted in the philosophies of permaculture, SoulShine teaches our children (and their families) the importance of self-sustaining practices through community involvement, local food and hands-on interactions with nature.

SoulShine is an urban school that focuses on instilling our students with a love for the earth and for the community.