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Decatur: 404-963-6071
After School (both locations): 678-221-4792

Back in action at SoulShine!

I have returned from maternity leave and am back in action at SoulShine! My sweet Smith is three months old next week. It’s been a wild ride adjusting to having three little ones but my mind has settled from the adjustment and I am more excited than ever about all the awesome that SoulShine will be in 2018.

SoulShine is so grateful to all our families for supporting us in last year’s growth. The second location provided a learning curve that we could not have predicted! In an effort to continue to support both schools, we have hired an Office Manager, Brandon, who starts Monday! Brandon has been a stay-at-home dad these past two years and is excited to bring his diverse background to SoulShine, along with his two year old little boy, Max. Brandon will be bouncing between both locations to offer support and oversight of operations to both Elim and Cindy. Our goal for 2018 is to perfect our communication with parents and staff. We have taken all the feedback, positive and negative, to heart and will be implementing systems that get our families the communication they need to feel good about drop off everyday.

Excited to see y’all on campus!


Below are investments SoulShine made to our larger local community in 2017! SoulShine’s after school kids genuinely make a difference in the lives of community members with the crafts they create. I love to see how proud they are of the markets that they create and run each month! This year we are honing in on fundraising and are looking to partner with three organizations to fundraise with so that the kids can build relationships with the organizations and create a longer lasting legacy of positive impact.

2017 Community Investments:

Global Growers: $568.60

Levity Farms: $563.00

Common Market: $7,476.75

Turnip Truck: $11,352.79

Donations to local nonprofits from Afterschool Markets = $2,551.00

Toomer Gardening Program = $7,844.00


Parents REMINDER we are closing early on 02/16/18 3:30PM for a teacher training. With the support of our location directors, Shannon will be leading a teacher training in connecting with our children and cultivating their namaste. Brandon our new office manager will be leading a training in classroom operations and management.