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Courage to Start – Strength to Endure – Resolve to Finish

Courage to start.

Change doesn’t come easy, but what good thing does? Whether you are changing your eating habits, your morning routine, or just trying to make more time to connect with those around you, it can feel like a lot.

I love BIG change! I’m constantly trying to change things up. Whether it’s moving homes, adopting more animals, spontaneous road trips, and last minute adventures. However, changes that require daily thought and effort all sound too painful and overwhelming, such as diet, exercise, and meditation.

Since change has been on my mind lately, I decided to take some time to observe my kids from an outside view on how they handle change in their daily routines…change of plans, change of clothes, change of activity. For the most part, if they are prepped for the change, it goes rather well. However, I noticed that if I spring change on them, it tends to be a rocky road. I think the same can be said for grown up change.


Strength to endure.

If I list out all the reasons I should meditate and really weigh that list in my life, I find myself excited about the possibilities it can bring. And, excited people are infectious! Instead of dreading the 10-30 minutes needed to devote to a new activity, I decided I needed to first change my perspective about the exercise all together.

Meditation is the easiest, yet hardest conquest. It truly feels like this huge lifestyle change. Eating dinner together around the same time every night, feels like an impossibility. I am just trying everyday to get a little closer to my values, for example, read more in front of my wild ones so that I model behavior I would love for them to hold dear. Everyday I wake up and know that today will be the day that I endure a little change. I suffer patiently to be the best person I can for my family and my community even when it feels like going to the dentist.


Resolve to finish.

If I can hold steady and successfully adopt small, productive change to my day, I will have had the sweet success of becoming a better person, a healthier lifestyle, and a better model of behavior for my children. My business coach gave me some of the best advice this month: if I am actively not making the small change, then I am actively choosing to stay the same.

No one else is prohibiting me from turning my phone on airplane mode for large chunks of the weekend. I am consciously deciding to not make a small change that inevitably has a large impact on my connection with family, nature, and myself. It’s good to be my own boss in the small change department! And, knowing that I hold all the power gives me the passion to finish and to live my very best life.

This month try a little change in your life. Maybe wake up 15 minutes before your family to read a book or sit outside and have your coffee. Talk to your little ones about changing up behaviors as well. Try to encourage a deep breath before the meltdown or water instead of juice. Small changes can lead to big rewards. Together, we have the courage to change, the strength to endure, and the resolve to finish!

Happy Fall, y’all!