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A Day in the Life of a Preschooler at SoulShine

Typical class schedules from the child's point of view, with some of the real-life activities practiced at SoulShine Preschool. The purpose of the activity is provided in [brackets].


Good Morning! My teachers welcome me by name with a hug and a smile and encourage me to explore some soft blocks! [sensory exploration]

Breakfast – I’m getting hungry! My bottle is warmed just the way I like it and my teachers are helping me learn to hold my bottle all on my own; I’ve almost got it. [motor skills]

Morning Gathering – We love to sing The Good Morning Song and say hello to all of our friends. My teachers have some fun new finger plays to show us. [motor skills]

Sensory Exploration – I love it when I get to explore different textures, smells and sounds. [sensory exploration]

Rest + Relaxation – I’m really tired from all of this morning fun. My teachers dim the lights and put on soft sounds or music to help me relax. If I’m having a hard time sleeping they will rub my back until I fall asleep. [routine]

Lunch – My parents think I’m ready to try some yummy fruits and vegetables so my teachers feed me delicious pureed organic sweet potatoes and apples. I’m skeptical at first but now I really like my purees. [expanding tastes -  social interaction - playtime]

Outdoor Play – It’s a beautiful day outside so my teachers help me put on socks and/or shoes. While we play outside we enjoy songs and special toys. I love the breeze and sunshine. [body awareness; interaction]

Storytime – It’s almost time for nap again so my teachers read a story to our whole class. I love how animated my teacher is and all the colorful pictures. [language skills and emotional

Rest + Relaxation – Now that I’m feeling sleepy again my teachers help me get settled so I can rest before the afternoon’s activities. [self soothing]

Snack – When I’m ready my teachers will start offering me small, soft pieces of vegetables and fruits. This helps me learn to use my hands to pick up food and practice chewing. [fine motor skills]

Music + Movement – It’s time for music! I love moving to the beat and playing with different instruments and shakers. Sometimes my teachers even sing to me. [self expression]

Farewell Activity – Lots of mommies and daddies are coming and picking up my friends but my teachers are blowing bubbles and singing songs! I say goodbye to my friends and teachers. [motor skills]

Welcome Activity – I’m so excited to be at school and see all of my teachers and friends! When I walk into my classroom my teacher is playing pretend in the kitchen and invites me to join. [creative exploration]

Breakfast – I wash my hands and find a seat at the table. I love having homemade quiche and delicious fruit to start my day. [hand washing]

Morning Gathering –  We all sit together and welcome each of our friends individually. I learn new songs related to our monthly and weekly themes and get up and moving for the day. [social interaction]

Outdoor Play – I’m so excited to start my day this is a great time to get outside and enjoy the weather. I ride cars and go down the slide over and over! My teacher pretends to be a monster and we all giggle and chase each other. [motor skills]

Storytime – I’m starting to get tired after all of that outside fun so we all sit together to read a story before lunch. Sometimes we even act out the story! [creative expression]

Lunch – Now it’s time to wash my hands and sit down for some delicious baked lentils and vegetables. I can’t get enough of these organic roasted carrots and cabbage. [using utensils]

Sensory Exploration – My tummy is full and it’s almost naptime. My teachers bring out toys in all different textures to explore while we wind down for nap time. [sensory experience]

Rest + Relaxation – All of my friends are getting tired so the teachers dim the lights and play soothing sounds and music. I wait for my mat to be laid out and snuggle up with my blanket while my teachers pat or rub my back. [cognitive development]

Art Exploration – I’m wide awake and feeling rested. This is my favorite time of day; now we get to paint or color. Sometimes we make fun things to send home or keep in our class and sometimes I get to make something all on my own. I’m very proud of my artwork! [free expression; fine motor skills]

Snack –  Healthy oat cookies, organic yogurt, fresh fruit and date bars are a few of my favorite afternoon snacks, plus we learned how to sign for “more” and “done”. [exposure to ASL]

Music + Movement – We learn how to use our arms and legs to stretch and learn a new word, “Namaste”. [body awareness; coordination and balance]

Outdoor Play – It’s almost time to go home so we go outside again to enjoy the last of the daylight! In the afternoons we sometimes bring out our water table and get to splash and splash! [motor skills]

Farewell Activity – Moms and Dads start arriving and some of my friends are leaving. I wave goodbye to my friends while my teacher and I dance and play with colorful scarves. When my parents arrive I wave goodbye to my teachers and blow them a kiss. [social interaction]

Early Toddlers


Welcome Activity – I love when I get to school and all of my friends greet me with cheers! My teacher has puzzles set out and I can’t wait to try to put one together. [cognitive ability and fine motor skills]

Breakfast – I wash my hands and find a seat at the table. I’ve been working hard to use a cup without a lid. I rarely ever spill and my teachers are so encouraging. [self-control and coordination]

Morning Gathering – We all sit in a circle and sing songs! Then our teacher talks about our jobs for the day; I get to be the teacher’s helper and carry the outdoor bag! [cognitive development, social skills]

Outdoor Play – It’s a little chilly outside so we find our coats and hats and bundle up! It’s always fun to play tag with all of my friends! [motor skills, identifying coats]

Art Exploration – Today we’re coloring with crayons and chalk! It’s always fun to explore my creativity and make something special! [creative expression]

Lunch –  I think I smell delicious tortilla pie. I love eating my vegetables! [expanding tastes]

Sensory Exploration – I’ve been so busy today I’m starting to get sleepy. It’s fun to smell and touch these herbs! Lavender is a relaxing smell. [sensory development]

Rest + Relaxation – Everyone is calm and ready to rest! I wait for my mat and snuggle up with my blanket. My teachers have made it quiet and cozy and if I want them to they will rub my back and help me fall asleep. [social interaction]

Storytime – Everyone is starting to wake up so my teacher reads us a quiet story while we put away our mats and go potty! [creative expression]

Snack – I need some healthy energy for my afternoon fun. Fresh fruit and yogurt is my favorite! [learning fruits and vegetables]

Music + Movement – We’re pretending to be musical ants and marching all over the room. Sometimes I get to be the leader! [body awareness]

Outdoor Play – Today is Playball! Playball is my favorite because Coach Danny always has a fun new game for us to learn and if we try our hardest to participate we get an awesome sticker at the end! [teamwork, listening skills, gross motor development]

Farewell Activity – As our day comes to an end and my friends start to go home, I get to make a “Play-Doh” pizza with all of my favorite toppings. I can’t wait to show Daddy when he gets here! [creative expression]

Welcome Activity – I can’t wait to tell my teachers when I get to school that I didn’t have an accident all night long! My teacher is playing dress up when I get to school and asks me if I want to be the Dinosaur or the Princess? [imaginative play]

Breakfast – The chef comes into our room and delivers yummy vegan pancakes with fresh blueberries and yogurt! It looks delicious and I make sure to thank the chef for our breakfast. [please and thank you]

Morning Gathering – After we greet all of our friends for the day and talk about the fun things we will be learning today we sing The Pollination Song, a song about bees and how they help us grow our food. We learned it in Homesteading last week and it’s everyone’s favorite now! [understanding nature]

Art Exploration – Today we are using different colored and different sized beans to create fun patterns. [creative expression, motor control]

Outdoor Play – We’re all ready to outside, but before we run to the playground we know it’s time to line up and count all of our friends. We do it all together and then head for the swings. [counting]

Lunch – I’m one of the lunch helpers today so I get cups and make sure each chair has one ready for milk! [problem solving]

Sensory Exploration – Homesteading is today and I’m always excited to see what we'll learn today. Most times we get to try something fresh and new from the garden. [nature]

Rest + Relaxation – Our mats are out, but we need some time to get the wiggles out so I sit on my mat looking at a book until I start to feel tired. [independent reading]

Storytime – Everyone is awake from resting and while some of my friends use the bathroom, another friend is telling us all a story about a magic tree that grows cookies! [imaginative play]

Snack – Before snack we all wash our hands and make sure to sing our special hand washing song to know how long to scrub for. [hygiene]

Music + Movement – We have extra energy this afternoon so our teachers decide it’s time for a dance party! [social interaction]Frogs - Physical Activity - exercise circle

Outdoor Play – We’ve been making a record of how long I can walk on the beam without losing my balance. I’m getting stronger every day! [physical coordination]

Farewell Activity – Some of my friends have gone home, but the rest of us make a big tower and hide all of the animals inside so the dinosaurs can’t find them! When my mom gets here I think she’ll be excited I didn’t have any accidents today and I earned stickers for being such an excellent helper. [community]

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