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The Five Love Languages of Children

Our newest bundle of love, Smith Gerhart SengStack, joined our family on November 19th. Over the next few months, we will be navigating our new normal, a family of five! One of the challenges in adding a new addition to the family, is making sure that the current members get their fair share of love and attention and feel just as special as they did before the newest family member arrived.

A few years ago, I read The Five Love Languages of Children. This is a really special book that offers profound insight on how to connect with our children in the way that truly fills them up. Welcoming Smith into our family brings up the need to reread this book as a reminder on how to meaningfully connect with my older children during this vulnerable time as they welcome a new sibling. Here is an awesome blog and some links to The Five Love Languages of Children.

Wishing each of you very happy holidays spent connecting and loving others!