Kirkwood: 404-377-3560
Decatur: 404-963-6071
After School (both locations): 678-221-4792


See the Difference

  • Low student-to-teacher ratios
  • Focus on healthy nutrition
  • Play-based learning built on a Permaculture foundation
  • Curriculum based on Georgia Early Learning Standards
  • Includes expanded curriculum that enrich learning and enhance engagement

After School

See the Difference

  • Outdoors whenever possible
  • Permaculture-based activities focused on farming, gardening, composting, cooking, economics 
  • Monthly Afterschooler-led markets
  • Pickup Locations

Next Steps


Preparing Your Child for Preschool

The best way to help your child feel comfortable in their new preschool is to show them that you yourself are friendly with the staff, comfortable with the surroundings, and excited about the situation. They will quickly pick up on your emotions and take behavioral cues from you.

On the big day, be very upbeat and positive! When it is time to say goodbye (the teacher should be at your side) do so and go! No turning back, simply state when you will return ''after your nap'', ''after your lunch'' or whatever occurs in their schedule. Don't be caught sneaking a peek either, that only makes it worse. 😉 Expect crying, and clinging, this is very normal until they become comfortable with their new environment.

Feel free to call the school as often as you'd like, to find out how your little one is doing. And, we encourage you to check the Facebook page throughout the day as well for updates and pictures. We will let you know if they need to be picked up; however, we will work with your child to comfort and settle them without involving you as much as possible. Your little one needs to get used to their new surroundings for a faster and easier transition to school. It will be hard, but likely worse for you than them! Children do calm in time and learn to trust their teachers and will grow with loving hands around them! Some children take weeks, others days, some a month or more. Stick with it! You’ve chosen a loving, open, and FUN place for your child to learn and grow!

If you'd like to come in and meet the staff with your child in the weeks leading up to your enrollment, you can do that by contacting us to make an appointment.