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Decatur: 404-963-6071
After School (both locations): 678-221-4792

Jacquelyn Evans

Jacque’ Evans is a proud Atlanta native and started teaching – her dolls – at the age of nine. At 17, she was working with children, and has been in education over 30 years now. In her free time she enjoys traveling, creating baskets & centerpieces and spending time with her family.

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Takiyah Dickerson

Takiyah Dickerson grew up on a farm in South Georgia, but enjoys city life now. She discovered her love for working with children when she volunteered in the childcare facility at her church. She holds the CDA certification and plans to pursue a degree in psychology.

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Jazmine Williams

Jazmine Williams is an Atlanta native who is studying at Georgia State University. She discovered her love for working with children as a teen, when older relatives allowed her to babysit. Her favorite food is hot wings.

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