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Be an East Atlanta, Decatur, or Kirkwood Preschool Educator

Do you currently work in education, or are you a graduate student in child development, early childhood special education, or a related field? Are you looking for a position that will allow you to get hands-on experience working with children? Do you have an avid interest in eco-stewardship, and sustainability? Would you love to teach a one-of-a-kind nature-based curriculum that has been developed over 15 years to help preschoolers become leaders of change for the future? Do you want the opportunity to work under highly experienced teachers and help lead a diverse group of students from? Then be a SoulShine Educator of SoulShine Schools in East Atlanta, Kirkwood, or Decatur!

As a SoulShine Educator, you will not only gain hands-on experience in multiple areas of early education, but you'll also receive the guidance and mentoring your future success in this field needs. SoulShine Schools is hiring heart-forward educators to join our community! We are currently hiring at all three of our schools located in Kirkwood, Decatur, and East Atlanta Village. Our Leadership Team is excited to meet you and share SoulShine's whole child approach, nature-based curriculum, and permaculture philosophy!

To learn more about SoulShine Schools, continue reading below, or visit our website to apply!

About Us

SoulShine Schools is a unique preschool that focuses on having fun, local and organic food, and creating an at-home environment for our children. And you cannot see any other schools like us. SoulShine Schools, with three sites serving over 200 families, provides newborns through preschool care, private pre-kindergarten and school-age programs, after-school, summer school, and specialized camps.

SoulShine has developed an innovative curriculum that establishes a solid foundation for early education while fostering a deeper connection to nature via permaculture. While SoulShine's approach to teaching is unique, it is informed by both the Reggio Emilia and Waldorf schools.

Our permaculture-inspired curriculum heightens our interaction with our natural environment and fosters a healthy understanding and respect for our earth. This is accomplished through teaching one another how to care for one another, our planet, and our local and global communities.

Beyond our regular academic training and routine, SoulShine invests in our students. They attend biweekly, unique, small-group educational programs focused on empowering them via yoga, mindfulness, outdoor playtime, music, dance, Spanish, and sign language, among other things.

We practice "World care, people care, and fair share" within our SoulShine community, a motto that aligns with Native American traditional wisdom: "We do not inherit this earth from our forefathers; we borrow it from our children."

Benefits You Will Get While Working With Us

Because we care about our teachers, we aim to make our schools the best possible places for them to work. Our educators may use a wide range of perks that we provide. Here are a few examples:


There are a few reasons why having health insurance is essential while working. One reason is that you never know when you might need medical attention. If you don't have health insurance and get sick or injured, you could end up with a huge bill that you have to pay out of pocket. This could put a lot of stress on your finances.

Another reason why it's essential to have health insurance while working is because it can help you cover the costs of doctor's visits and prescription drugs. If you need to see a doctor regularly or take medication for a condition, the costs can add up quickly. Health insurance can help you pay for these expenses, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

There are also job-related reasons to have health insurance while working. For example, if you're injured on the job, and you don't have insurance, your income during your recovery could be seriously compromised. Many employers require employees to pay 100% of their medical expenses out-of-pocket. If this was the case, you might make significantly less money while you're recovering.

We are happy to say that we will cover 70% of your life insurance as our East Atlanta Educator.

We want to make sure that our teachers are well taken care of. In this way, you will also feel secure and loved by the school. We treat every teacher fairly and decently.


A paid time off policy allows employees to take time off work for vacation, illness, or other personal needs without the fear of losing their jobs. This can help improve employee morale and reduce stress levels. Paid time off also allows employees to take time off to spend with their families or take care of personal matters. It also reduces the number of times employees take off from work without their employer's permission.

Paid time off policies are vital because they allow employers to attract and retain top talent. They also allow employees to take time off for personal needs while still ensuring that they receive the financial benefits of working.

Our SoulShine Schools offer over 120 hours of paid time off. We also acknowledge that our school's educators have essential roles outside our schools that they need to attend. We, therefore, allow them the flexibility to take time off for personal needs or other critical family commitments.


In addition, our schools provide paid holidays to all of our instructors. Because of this, our instructors can spend valuable time with their families on important occasions or holidays. We want them to spend time with their family and friends over the holidays and not have to worry about work.


This is one of the best things we have to showcase. Our school welcomes children of various backgrounds, and we welcome them all with open arms. Regardless of their experience, we think that every student has something unique to give, and we are devoted to assisting them in reaching their full potential. We are proud of our differences and work hard to establish a safe and inviting atmosphere for our employees. This holds for our educators as well. For our little ones and educators to feel at ease in this setting, we welcome everyone who wishes to become a member of our family, regardless of color, nationality, or culture.


Aside from the perks mentioned above, we also offer Medical freedom and choice, Professional development and match on CDA courses, Conversion to salary after one year of employment, and a $100 Employee Referral Bonus.

If you want to know more about our school program, feel free to contact us, and we would love to accommodate you.

Available Roles

We are currently hiring for a few roles in our SoulShine Schools. You may handle Infant Care, Preschool, Pre-K, or Pre-K through 5th grade.

By becoming a member of our team, you become a member of a caring, loving group of individuals who advocate for our children, their families, and one another.

SoulShine aspires to provide the most excellent possible experience for everyone that walks through our doors. Families come to SoulShine for the sense of belonging, education, love, and compassion we provide for them and their kids. We are assisting them in raising their children, and with that comes a great deal of responsibility.

The preschool instructors assist the youngsters in learning while also having a good time. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and happiness of the youngsters. They also instruct the students on how to conduct themselves in school.

They should also keep a close eye on the youngsters to ensure they don't get into any trouble. The preschool instructors are in charge of keeping the classroom clean, safe, and orderly. Cleaning up after the youngsters and re-arranging things are their responsibilities as well. They also assist the infants in learning how to take care of their belongings, such as putting toys away after they have played with them.

They must also be willing to assist youngsters in learning new skills. When a child is ready for letters and numbers, the instructor helps them learn how to write and count in a safe and secure environment. When the youngsters are prepared to learn how to read, the instructor instructs them in the process. These are just a few of the responsibilities you will have if you are selected to be one of our East Atlanta instructors.

Applicants must be ready and willing to live by SoulShine's core values.

Leadership begins with heart-forward action non-violent communication authentic presence Transparency and vulnerability Collaborate over compete. We believe it is essential for educators to be on a path of personal growth and development. We are looking for people who wish to help children grow and continue their journey towards self-discovery, expression, and creativity.

We're looking for educators to understand child development from birth through age 8. Be ready and willing to follow our illustrated curriculum. The East Atlanta educator must also enjoy leading a small-group setting of students through various art & science activities. And be open to feedback from their peers and educators on the Leadership Team.

Are you ready to take your next step? Click here to see the details:


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