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Cultivating Little Leaders | Best DIY Activities To Empower Kids

Empowering Children at Home through Meaningful Activities

As part of the SoulShine Community, we believe in empowering children to contribute meaningfully to their surroundings.

At SoulShine, we take pride in creating meaningful experiences that support creativity and prompt curiosity for the growth and learning of each community member. Our youngest members - the Children are not just little sponges but also capable individuals eager to participate and make an impact in the world. In SoulShine’s nurturing environment, we support children in voicing their ideas, participating in meaningful conversations and decision-making, and exploring ways to lead an intentional life.

Having a solid home-school connection emphasizes the collaboration among families and

teachers, supporting the child’s life-long love for learning. When we allow children to take an active role in finding their place in the world, we empower them to lead with an open mind and open heart. 

From our perspective, encouraging parents to involve their children in the process of daily routines and activities empowers children to contribute at home. These activities not only foster a sense of responsibility but also provide opportunities for creativity and leadership development. Let's take a look at some of the best DIY activities to empower your children.

The key is to respect your child's creative energy and provide them with the freedom to make decisions.

Gardening Adventures at Home

One delightful way to empower your child is through gardening. Don't assume that a five-year-old can't fully engage in nurturing a garden or participating in community projects. In fact, children can thrive in leadership positions, make executive decisions, and even contribute to fundraising efforts. Start by asking your child what they are interested in and how they feel they can contribute to the family's gardening project.

Family Decision-Making Sessions

Encourage children to participate in family decision-making. Ask them about their preferences for meals, activities, or even home decor. By involving them in these choices, you're not only fostering their decision-making skills but also affirming the importance of their voice in family matters.

DIY Home Projects

Empower your child by allowing them to design and execute their own projects at home. Provide guidance, but resist the urge to overly supervise. Let them manifest their own ideas, even if they may seem unconventional to adults. This practice not only encourages creativity but also nurtures a sense of accomplishment and independence. *Try SoulShine Wilds in Wonder™ Curriculum's own DIY activity to spark a creative connection. Included below.

Encourage Play with a Purpose

The SoulShine way is to engage children in activities that are both fun and purposeful. Instead of imposing rigid rules and routines, find enjoyable and useful activities for your child. Ask them about their interests and create an environment where learning and contributing go hand in hand.

Building Independence through Chores

While we don't advocate burdening children with hard physical labor, introducing age-appropriate chores can instill a sense of responsibility. Encourage your child to take charge of specific tasks, teaching them the importance of contributing to the well-being of the whole family. 

Remember, the key is to respect your child's creative energy and provide them with the freedom to make decisions. By allowing children to choose and engage in meaningful tasks at home, you're teaching them that their contribution is not only useful but also necessary. This practice empowers them to create roles for themselves within the family and, by extension, in the broader community.

We invite you to embrace these heartfelt suggestions and cultivate little leaders who will undoubtedly shape a brighter and more connected future.

DIY Play Dough

Try out one of SoulShine's at-home activities from our very own Wilds in Wonder™ Curriculum to spark a creative connection. At SoulShine, it's more than just a recipe and clean up. We aim to educate how and why activities help our little ones grow, develop and engage.

SoulShine Wilds In Wonder DIY Play Dough Sensory Play Activity Recipe Card


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