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Join us on an Adventure with SoulShine's Summer Camp!

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🎉🏞️ It's time to make this summer the best one yet!
Join us at our Decatur Summer Camp from May 28th to July 26th

🌱 Engaging Nature-Inspired Activities 🌳 Life Skills Integrated into the Curriculum 🌿 Holistic Approach

SoulShine's summer program is designed for children five years and older to ignite curiosity and creativity. Each week promises a unique exploration, from discovering bugs during Pollinator Pals Week to cultivating environmental responsibility in Earth Guardians Stewardship. Engaging activities, inspired by the wonders of nature, include gardening, crafting recycled art, and expressing creativity through nature-inspired projects. Life skills are integrated directly into the curriculum and involve self-directed learning, responsible animal care, developing public speaking abilities, and more. At SoulShine, our holistic approach centers around embracing the beauty of nature, fostering collaboration, and nurturing essential life skills.

Join us for a summer filled with joy, exploration, and lasting memories in the embrace of the natural world.


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